Sugar Water

This series of paintings provided a base for the style and narrative of Sugar Water.

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It's a story about a Caribbean girl who comes to the United States after day dreaming all day.

RISD Film, Animation and Video

Degree Project


    Animation students get a year to produce and develop a short film or media project. The first semester is devoted to project planning and research concluding in a rough cut.

During the Winter semester students focus on the production of the project and develop a fine cut. From then students work on editing, sound effects and finishing touches to create a final cut that screens in the annual FAV senior show in spring.



Starting out

Some very early sketches

I had this idea many summers ago, to write a story about the kids from my home town. I was interested in writing of the adventures that they would undertake like fighting giant tarantulas. Over the year's I worked out that I really just wanted to make a short film about myself and my childhood. I thought my story was different from everyone else's and I wanted to tell it.

"Sugar Water"

Digital Painting


Part of a scene that was cut out of the final

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Dilenia C Rodriguez

Artist & Filmmaker


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