Saturdays in Nightingale

You don't know what's going to happen on this fine Saturday hanging out with your best friend.

Cute Photoshop animation about the adventure that is friendship.

( Snow angels with the animals at the zoo perhaps.)

   When I was working on this animation project, junior year of college, I was reflecting on how much I loved having a roommate that was also a good friend to me. Before the dorm life you don't know what to think about your possible roommates: Will they like rap music? Do they chew with their mouth open? Do they come with preconceived biases  about people who look like you? For a lot of my peers their roommates became the flesh incarnation of their inner demons. A girl in my drawing studio hated her roommate so much that she made a voodoo doll for a project and stabbed it while she presented it to the class. We all knew the girl's roommate, she didn't seem that bad. I had a few bad roommates myself but more along the lines of passive aggressive behavior. However, my roommate Jian, who became my best friend, was just great. We'd share advice, ideas and good laughs. We introduced each other to new people and learned from the differences we each brought. We'd take on the city in adventure throughout and we always had each other's back. My favorite part about our time as roommates were the days when we took breaks to go outside and hangout with no plan in mind. My memories  want to merge it all into one fine Saturday when I got to hangout with my best friend Jian all day.

This Project was made for the Rhode Island School of Design

film, animation and video department as a final for

 the intermediate animation class with Amy Kravitz, fall semester 2015.


It features the voice of Jian Yu and Dilenia Rodriguez.


Music and Sounds from

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Dilenia C Rodriguez

Artist & Filmmaker


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