Documentary photography project exploring the lives, colors and narratives of everyday individuals


"When you carry a nice camera and a nice attitude people will talk to you and if you listen they'll reveal to you who they are."

-a documentary photo teacher once mumbled to the class.




I started this project in the Spring of 2015, for a few reasons:


1. It's important to develop a practice in photography: for artistic reference and compositing shots.


2. It's important to develop a practice in communication: for interviews and storytelling.



3. It's important to develop a practice in exploration and photography is a great way to keep track of it.


 It started as a class assignment to get a few good pictures, but it quickly grew into a habit of carrying the camera everywhere and using it as a tool to meet new people and find new narratives.


The Photos in this collection feature some of the places I visited since I started this project. The bus, the airport, the south side of Providence, an apartment building in Jersey City and a school in the Dominican Republic, among other places.


In its progression this project became about the wait, that's what everyone I talked to had in common. The wait for a new job, to graduate, to move to a different place, just people waiting to do their next thing.





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The waterfront in Jersey City New Jersey 2015

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